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I never got to say….

This small piece has been a long time in gestation bubbling in the mental plane for a short minute, but alas it’s always been on my mind to unveil the sentiments I’m about to share.

After embarking upon the opportunity to unleash freestyles on the early rap show from Choice FM’s Friday night flavors hosted by DJ279 my musical journey enabled me to cross paths with some of the most talented people I had met like dawoud aka MDB Modern day Beethoven from SWS ( Strength Within Strength). At 16 I used to work the dishwasher at the Berni inn for an Irishman who was married to a black lady who was always smiling. It was during this time that I met dawoud and he showed me a whole different take on Hip Hop and rhyming it was a pleasure man I cherish those conversations deeply. I never really got the opportunity to actually say how much he inspired me, he gave me a much deeper insight to society life as he was Muslim, but what I cherish the most was his time.

I remember doing the rounds in Psychic Phenomena doing open mics at the Borderline, the mean fiddler bars and subterraneania, I remember this one evening chatting to some peeps that eventually became my peoples, I was chopping it up with Bam Bam n Abi they were talking about using a 4 track mixer and how raw the sound was this crew is no other than SOS aka Scientists Of Sound. I came in the game after these brothers and was inspired from the same school of thought.

I remember when I first saw MC Mellow the idea and concept that a British rapper could encapsulate so much character depth street and not afraid to speak his mind. I would often see Mellow on the streets of Thornton Heath, I would often see him after purchasing some incense and some Irish moss. But one of the fondest memories I have of Mello was when I saw him and Jonzi D smashing it on stage Stratford Rex when ever I see Jonzi I’m always quick to remind him of this.

I remember my countless trips to Liberty Grooves I’d be in complete denial if this place isn’t mentioned, I met 70% of my hip hop friends at this one place, people like The Principal Mark, Trojan, Sean n Finimo from synapse, Drew from 35 above, ST RORE, Big P, Big Ted the list is endless.

All too often we walk through life without even stopping to think about the people that have inspired us and basically walked the path before us. So I just wanted to say thanks to some of those people that helped me in my craft..

Cerebral Blows

For those familiar with my music, this is the kind of stuff I started out doing, so this is like a tribute to that sound. I always liked science and science fiction, so combine that with metaphors you can do anything. There’s a track on Rakim’s third studio album called “Step Back” where he says and I quote “and the only thing I ever wanted you to do was follow poetry” well I kinda live by that as that’s all this is. The expression and manipulation of words… So please check out my new single which is taken from the fourth coming “Audio Alchemy”


Coke Bottle Cutie – the reactions….

Wassup people I just did this track called “Coke Bottle Cutie” and im finding that this track seems to be causing some controversy due to its references as describing a fictional female as having a coke bottle figure. But some woman are choosing to ignore that the basis of the song refers to having made a mental connection with a female.

Men seem to be singing its praises, where as woman seem to be offended that it doesn’t physically relate to them. But my intentions when writing the song was to make something grown and sexy for my listeners, while i admit that a reference was made about a female with a coke bottle figure I was surprised by the backlash by those who felt excluded.

However apart of me is happy to hear that people make a personal connection to the music…

The ups and downs..

Sometimes life can get you down, I wake up everyday and tell myself today is going to be better. I meet and great people in the street and the response is always the same “how are you? I’m fine I’m doing okay” when in actuality it may not be the case. I feel sometimes life and the pressures of modern living takes me away from those I love, I feel at times my ego can get in the way instead of being humble sometimes I flip out and I’m like Naaa I’m not taking this or that or I’m not doing this or that and it’s the ones we love that feel the effects of that…

I don’t look down at no one and I put up no illusions or fronts about who I am. I don’t judge people to the point where I even wrote about it did a track called “don’t judge” produced by my brother Yabba. I wear my heart on my sleeve and anyone who knows me knows i love to laugh but sometimes I feel like it all can all get a bit much. Hanging onto what you love and care about, in a world were I’m constantly being bombarded with negativity this can change your state of mind and effect your inner peace, we can’t ignore the ills of the world but we can’t give up mental well being and peace of mind….

I just thought id share this


My journey towards the self…

I find my self on a journey this morning.
A journey towards ones inner self, sometimes when immersed around elements and stimulus that one isn’t always surrounded by you can often find your self second guessing and questioning one self. Sometimes when taking on board the general status quo for what you truly are, you can temporarily get lost on this journey towards ones self.
Stay close to those who make you feel you, those who accept you for you…

So I’ve been taking that time out to get back to those thoughts, ideas and inspirations in music that gives me goosebumps…. 🙂
Life is one heck of a journey it’s full of ups and downs and along the way you can detour and find new ways to live it or return to ways of yesteryear. This is how music can be sometimes I don’t like to be predictable, I don’t get upset when expectations from people are not met we are all simply beings not perfect just that beings with flaws imperfections and complexities..

What ever you choose to do take it easy on your self be more accepting of your self, and those who don’t embrace you for who and what you simply know that we are all elevating and evolving at different speeds and rates so leave them to it and return back to self this I intend to do with the music stay tuned

Much love

Dom G…

Here i come..

I’m taking the time out to craft something special for the listeners, I believe it’s my duty to deliver nothing but the best… Also if this is your first time to grace my website I’d like to say thank you for passing by, and if your frequent visitor once again I appreciate the love….

I’m blessed to be able to re-release my album “Air” on Grinnin records who are setting this year off with a bang with grinnin classics so look forward to some nice collabo’s…

But I’m also very excited about my 3rd studio album
“Audio Alchemy” which is due out later this, it’s gonna be something special.
I’ve tried to not rush this album as with all my albums this is something for those who simply love good music, it will take you on a existential journey beyond the realms of the mundane as life can be hectic as it is…

So stay tuned and much love

Dominant G aka Dom G

Self Mastery

I take pride in what I do, the fact that I’m able to place words onto loose leaf to me is a blessing. It has nothing to do with status it has nothing to do with finances having the ability to compose a rhyme and share my inner minds perception with the listener is something I do not take for granted.

What gives me the inspiration to write? Simply just going outside for a walk and observing life, people going about their daily lives. I could simply be in admiration of the scenery, looking at the similarities between what makes us happy and sane or deeply moved. Its all apart of life of which I try to utilize all these mediums as a source of inspiration. Its not about making things complex for me its simply if the idea came about from nothing at all ie., if the value of what you have written is forgotten the moment you’ve written it then its not worth the idea it claims to be, thats just how I see it. If I can listen to your work and not be in awe of what you have written and think to myself, ‘thats a skillful piece of writing how did he/she come up with that?’ its got nothing to do with simplicity its about mastering your craft taking something which has a rough form and sculpting it into something that takes work and effort, not just knocking up a few words that match. Thats called nursery rhymes something which a lot of artists do.

So I pledge to always do my best for the listeners and stay true to myself.

much love Dominant G aka Dom G

Studio Session

This time I approached things a little different, I wanted to make a track that touched on passion not just in the sense of the wow factor but that very part of us that gets the blood racing.

I’ve never been one to shy away from expressing my self or putting up this cagaed fake persona Naaa not me pal I stay true to me or as my American Fam would say “I keep it 100”..

I then got the chance to let off steam on my next installment which is out soon hope you all like it…

I’m going in..!

Respect the craft…

When I pick up a pen and loose leaf its always my intention to spark the braincells, at best have the listener hitting the back button for another listen. I was never really interested in simply just making a song cos its in trend or cos some new fad came out its just not me. That doesn’t mean that I don’t stay relevant, I’m just not into hoping onto the latest fad. I prefer to concentrate on making good music that stays true to my self and the craft. I try to respect my listeners and give them more integrity than simply knocking up a few bars with some cheesy hooks or repping some fake gangsta status. Its not me, yet that doesn’t mean I wasn’t raised as a member of the working class high rise blocks / council estate housing amongst people/human beings that do what they need do to survive. Nor does it mean that I don’t visit people I grew up with who have chosen a different life from me, cos I do, they’re my family and in short, I love em all. I’m not here to judge no one. My job is to simply deliver the music to the best of my ability and provide some form of normality to what I think is a crazy day and time that we are going through at the moment…

I am here to respect the craft and in turn win over a few hearts in that spirit of mutual regard.

Dominant G

Going in…

Afrer some time away in Ghana laying mum to rest in Dec 2014, I was in a place where nothing made much sense to me anymore. I took a long hard think about things and life in general with no matriarch this really was hard to deal with.
I remember it was after Christmas, sitting on the sofa when I received a text from Andrew which basically read it was time to go in. This lifted my spirits up and I was like okay lets do this…

I hope you all like the new material this ones for you mum, from your son
Dom G