Self Mastery

I take pride in what I do, the fact that I’m able to place words onto loose leaf to me is a blessing. It has nothing to do with status it has nothing to do with finances having the ability to compose a rhyme and share my inner minds perception with the listener is something I do not take for granted.

What gives me the inspiration to write? Simply just going outside for a walk and observing life, people going about their daily lives. I could simply be in admiration of the scenery, looking at the similarities between what makes us happy and sane or deeply moved. Its all apart of life of which I try to utilize all these mediums as a source of inspiration. Its not about making things complex for me its simply if the idea came about from nothing at all ie., if the value of what you have written is forgotten the moment you’ve written it then its not worth the idea it claims to be, thats just how I see it. If I can listen to your work and not be in awe of what you have written and think to myself, ‘thats a skillful piece of writing how did he/she come up with that?’ its got nothing to do with simplicity its about mastering your craft taking something which has a rough form and sculpting it into something that takes work and effort, not just knocking up a few words that match. Thats called nursery rhymes something which a lot of artists do.

So I pledge to always do my best for the listeners and stay true to myself.

much love Dominant G aka Dom G

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