Here i come..

I’m taking the time out to craft something special for the listeners, I believe it’s my duty to deliver nothing but the best… Also if this is your first time to grace my website I’d like to say thank you for passing by, and if your frequent visitor once again I appreciate the love….

I’m blessed to be able to re-release my album “Air” on Grinnin records who are setting this year off with a bang with grinnin classics so look forward to some nice collabo’s…

But I’m also very excited about my 3rd studio album
“Audio Alchemy” which is due out later this, it’s gonna be something special.
I’ve tried to not rush this album as with all my albums this is something for those who simply love good music, it will take you on a existential journey beyond the realms of the mundane as life can be hectic as it is…

So stay tuned and much love

Dominant G aka Dom G

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