My journey towards the self…

I find my self on a journey this morning.
A journey towards ones inner self, sometimes when immersed around elements and stimulus that one isn’t always surrounded by you can often find your self second guessing and questioning one self. Sometimes when taking on board the general status quo for what you truly are, you can temporarily get lost on this journey towards ones self.
Stay close to those who make you feel you, those who accept you for you…

So I’ve been taking that time out to get back to those thoughts, ideas and inspirations in music that gives me goosebumps…. 🙂
Life is one heck of a journey it’s full of ups and downs and along the way you can detour and find new ways to live it or return to ways of yesteryear. This is how music can be sometimes I don’t like to be predictable, I don’t get upset when expectations from people are not met we are all simply beings not perfect just that beings with flaws imperfections and complexities..

What ever you choose to do take it easy on your self be more accepting of your self, and those who don’t embrace you for who and what you simply know that we are all elevating and evolving at different speeds and rates so leave them to it and return back to self this I intend to do with the music stay tuned

Much love

Dom G…

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