The ups and downs..

Sometimes life can get you down, I wake up everyday and tell myself today is going to be better. I meet and great people in the street and the response is always the same “how are you? I’m fine I’m doing okay” when in actuality it may not be the case. I feel sometimes life and the pressures of modern living takes me away from those I love, I feel at times my ego can get in the way instead of being humble sometimes I flip out and I’m like Naaa I’m not taking this or that or I’m not doing this or that and it’s the ones we love that feel the effects of that…

I don’t look down at no one and I put up no illusions or fronts about who I am. I don’t judge people to the point where I even wrote about it did a track called “don’t judge” produced by my brother Yabba. I wear my heart on my sleeve and anyone who knows me knows i love to laugh but sometimes I feel like it all can all get a bit much. Hanging onto what you love and care about, in a world were I’m constantly being bombarded with negativity this can change your state of mind and effect your inner peace, we can’t ignore the ills of the world but we can’t give up mental well being and peace of mind….

I just thought id share this


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