I never got to say….

This small piece has been a long time in gestation bubbling in the mental plane for a short minute, but alas it’s always been on my mind to unveil the sentiments I’m about to share.

After embarking upon the opportunity to unleash freestyles on the early rap show from Choice FM’s Friday night flavors hosted by DJ279 my musical journey enabled me to cross paths with some of the most talented people I had met like dawoud aka MDB Modern day Beethoven from SWS ( Strength Within Strength). At 16 I used to work the dishwasher at the Berni inn for an Irishman who was married to a black lady who was always smiling. It was during this time that I met dawoud and he showed me a whole different take on Hip Hop and rhyming it was a pleasure man I cherish those conversations deeply. I never really got the opportunity to actually say how much he inspired me, he gave me a much deeper insight to society life as he was Muslim, but what I cherish the most was his time.

I remember doing the rounds in Psychic Phenomena doing open mics at the Borderline, the mean fiddler bars and subterraneania, I remember this one evening chatting to some peeps that eventually became my peoples, I was chopping it up with Bam Bam n Abi they were talking about using a 4 track mixer and how raw the sound was this crew is no other than SOS aka Scientists Of Sound. I came in the game after these brothers and was inspired from the same school of thought.

I remember when I first saw MC Mellow the idea and concept that a British rapper could encapsulate so much character depth street and not afraid to speak his mind. I would often see Mellow on the streets of Thornton Heath, I would often see him after purchasing some incense and some Irish moss. But one of the fondest memories I have of Mello was when I saw him and Jonzi D smashing it on stage Stratford Rex when ever I see Jonzi I’m always quick to remind him of this.

I remember my countless trips to Liberty Grooves I’d be in complete denial if this place isn’t mentioned, I met 70% of my hip hop friends at this one place, people like The Principal Mark, Trojan, Sean n Finimo from synapse, Drew from 35 above, ST RORE, Big P, Big Ted the list is endless.

All too often we walk through life without even stopping to think about the people that have inspired us and basically walked the path before us. So I just wanted to say thanks to some of those people that helped me in my craft..

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